Here are a few clips from my feature film work. In all cases I was writer and director and sometimes appeared in the film as an actor. I've chosen these clips as examples of writing, performance, scene structure, editing, and/or camera.    

Jack & Jill (1999) was my first feature. The micro-budgeted film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and received nominations for the best supporting actress (Kate Zenna) and best Directoral debut from Canada's national screen awards, the Genies at the time.   

The start of the project that became Love Is Work (2005) was an improvisational experiment exploring relationships at various stages. I worked with the performers briefly to establish some key story elements then, there we left to work out their situations over the course of a single-take 60 minute shoot. The film went on to win multiple nominations, awards and honours at special presentations.  

The Mad (2007) is a comedy/horror starring Billy Zane and Maggie Castle as a father and daughter who find themselves in a zombie-like crisis sparked by a community's consumption of 'mad cow' tainted hamburgers. This film has a worldwide cult following from my understanding.  

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