Currently as Vice President, Creative 
 marblemedia, Toronto 

Videos courtesy of marblemedia and CBC Original Interactive Entertainment

In 1999, I began working in the digital space because I was attracted to the idea of audiences being able to access and interact with content in unprecedented ways. Digital media back then was crude compared to what we have now but it still offered creators, especially if they were technical, the power to create and publish with a refreshing immediacy.

Even though I had just completed my first feature film as writer/director, I chose to study Digital and Interactive Storytelling at the Canadian Film Centre where I focused on non-linear audience experiences, design and coding. Digital, multi-touchpoint work allows me to fuse my professional producing, writing and directing experience in traditional entertainment standards (radio, theatre, filmed entertainment) with emerging digital platforms like internet

and mobile.

These videos describe selected convergent television and digital projects created since 2009 with marblemedia interactive as creative director and V.P. Creative. As an executive at CBC starting in 2005, I executive produced and developed many original and convergent projects like Being Erica's online Vlog and The Motion Show, samples seen here. The latter was the product of Nik Sexton's imagination and talent. 

When some or all these content types work effectively in concert, the whole offering can deepen a brand's level of expression and as a result, the audience's potential to have a meaningful experience. Back in 1999 I was often asked why my passion was changing from film to interactive/digital and I remember feeling that the change was a matter of media language, delivery mechanisms and production tools. The guiding principles behind creating meaningful story, entertainment and audience experiences remained the same.  

My passion to create compelling, meaningful media only grew and shortly after my time at the Film Centre I began what was to become an 8-year stay at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I started as an interactive/digital producer in A & E radio as one of the original members of the award-winning ArtsCanada group. A few years later, I moved to television and interactive/digital as a producer and then, took an executive position in charge of original interactive and digital entertainment. This final tenure resulted in developing a number of new web-only entertainment properties that performed well. One example was The Motion Show (a skateboard comedy hybrid you can samples above) and an original convergent television series called Exposure (2007). In January of 2009 Being Erica started on CBC Television. I was the executive leading the concept and production of a series of vlogs Erica would post during the weeks leading up to the premiere. The content of the vlogs was meant to introduce the character and her situation to audiences. To ensure we maximized our narrative opportunity, Erica, a single woman in search of a partner, was becoming smitten with a new man. When the first episode of the TV show faded in, she gets dumped. This triggers the whole concept of the show and rewarded audiences who joined in the story world early. The incident had far more impact and the prequel created buzz. We saw numbers on the vlog continue to rise throughout the run of the hit series as audience's wanted to see more of her and better understand her beginnings. The strategy was a success in the early days of content marketing.  

In summer 2009 I joined marblemedia as Creative Director and remain there currently as V.P. Creative, Digital. Please watch the videos above describing some of my favourite projects so far. 

Looking back, I'm glad I worked through squawking modems, postage stamp-sized stuttering videos, fancy flash-animated websites and hundreds of productions in an industry that evolves at breakneck speeds. These experiences have helped me become a creative lead who feels comfortable moving projects across the languages of art, tech, business, innovation, feasibility and brand integrity - to ultimately create value for our audience/customer. We need to value their precious time and attention at least as much as we might value our own. There isn't much room for mediocrity. I'm proud to say that projects I have led and/or worked on connected with millions of people, built successful brands and won many nominations and awards. I'm grateful for these opportunities and the amazing people I have worked with throughout.