Johnny Kalangis

Creative Executive


Johnny Kalangis 2017 - Interactive Audio/Visual

Artist Statement

Starting at age 10, 1978, I was obsessed with the radio. To me it was the gateway to an endless universe that ultimately shaped how I understood and interacted with my world. I expect this something many people can relate to.


I devoured radio drama, news, comedy, and, perhaps most important to me, music. What pulsed through mystical airwaves deeply influenced every facet of my intellectual and emotional growth. I imagined in detail the many worlds that opened up to me - from the mysterious El Mocambo stage where new bands played midnight sets simulcast live on FM radio to news barks mourning the sudden death of beloved heroes, to Greek music from my mother and father’s
country of origin.


AIRWAVES is a highly personal exploration of my life with radio between ages 10 - 17, spanning Toronto AM and FM radio between 1978 - 1985.


With it, I designed a new kind of radio - one that tunes into and projects visuals expressing my imaginations at the time. Visitors are invited to explore the radio and discover how toggling between AM and FM and tuning the dial brings in a wide range of visual coursing through airwaves.


Find Blondie, David Bowie, The Clash, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Steve Martin, George Carlin, the murder of John Lennon, the first ever Toronto Blue Jays game and many more memories that not only tell my story but aim to capture a fleeting moment in culture.  


What sparked your imagination when you were young?
How did that affect your growth?
What sparks it today?     

-- johnny kalangis