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7 7

An optional framework from which viewers may construct or extract narrative.

7 7 starts when we meet two individuals living a routine, patterned first-world existence. We don’t witness them interacting with others but rather, in their more private, intimate moments… as if we’re spying on them. They are strangers to each other.


Then, they drive their cars into a crash with each other. By the violence of the event, one that smashes them through their respective windshields, we might think they are dead, but there is no evidence, and rather, there IS evidence that they have transitioned into an alternative state of consciousness or existence.

From there, The Couple is introduced to a cast of archetypical characters, like The Gatekeeper, The Mother, The Rival, and others, and of course, each other thus starting the most significant relationships in their existences. If ‘death’ represents the most dramatic transition of consciousness, might those with whom it is experienced take on existential meaning?


The Couple then begins the non-linear journey through themselves and each other. They engage in an intimate relationship that unlocks other plains of their personal and shared existences. Past, present, and future melt into one stream, and they dream together. They dream of their traumas, their influences, the roles they have played, those given to them by society, and their ‘lives’, experienced in both the ‘real world’ and in their imaginations blend.

They seek their identities, understanding, resolution, and transcendence through voyeuristic activities. Ultimately they focus on The Conduit. This figure dresses up and takes selfies through which The Couple finds ways to explore their psychological and emotional layers in search of peace and resolve…. Until they’re caught and The Conduit turns their lens on them!


Upset and made vulnerable by this development, The Couple conspires to attack The Conduit and render them silent as a defense mechanism. But after unrest and argument, they awaken to their wrongdoing and release The Conduit.

In turn, The Conduit frees them and they drift away.

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