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Pursuing the Pearl of G
reat Price

(feature film, Canada 2023)
A Film by Kyree Vibrant


This film is a unique documentary/biography that highlights the roots, coming of age, and subsequent rise to fame of legendary jazz performer, Big Rude Jake. It is a film made in segments that highlight Jake's iconoclastic personal, social and political views as well as portray Jake as a thoughtful, intelligent man who's one true love, music, has always been the impetus and the ultimate idée fixe that he has propelled him above all others: the Pearl of Great Price.


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(feature film, Canada 2022)
A Film by Johnny Kalangis


An experimental avant-garde narrative. This is a dream-like, meditation on love, identity, gender roles, and the nature of human consciousness. The non-linear and multiple narrative trajectories explore the deeper senses of the self and our relationships to photographic and cinematic images - both as

subjects and voyeurs.

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